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Anti-SPAM, Anti-AD, Anti-SPY, EncryptMe Software

EncryptMe Box EncryptMe is a software product that is used to encrypt any user files (documents, images, etc.) and limit access to your information. The program uses the AES algorithm with the 256-bit key length to encrypt data, which allows it to securely protect any information. The unique "Restore the forgotten password" option will help you avoid a critical information loss and the additional features will make working with EncryptMe easy and comfortable.

Current price: $19.95 (*regular price $29.95)

Anti-SPAM Guard Box Are you tired of this never-ending spam? Anti-SPAM Guard is a unique solution for fighting junk e-mail. It has never been easier to fight spam before!

Anti-SPAM Guard is a spam filter of a new generation. Anti-SPAM Guard for Windows runs in the background mode between your mail client and the Internet. When you are receiving mail in your mail client, Anti-SPAM Guard checks every message for spam or phishing signs on the fly and, if any detected, it marks such a message or deletes it blocking it from getting onto your computer. Unlike a lot of other products, Anti-SPAM Guard does not require any configuration, supports all mail clients and uses a multilevel system of filters and checks, which allows it to distinguish between junk e-mail and regular correspondence with a great precision.

Current price: $29.95 (*regular price $39.95)

SpamLock Box SpamLock will be useful both for professionals and beginners. Software can work in two modes - checking e-mails on the fly when you receive letters or it can check your inbox from time to time (by shedule) and delete any spam on server. SpamLock is a universal solution for users of Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, The Bat, etc. and the users of web servers like Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail or other.

If you have more than one account, SpamLock will protect all of them! The program intercepts emails and marks all the detected spam. Newest anti-virus engine detects both known and unknown viruses and blocks them even if they already were installed on your PC. All you have to do is to read clean emails in safety.

Current price: $59.95 (*regular price $69.95)

Anti-AD Guard PRO Box Anti-AD Guard PRO is a banners filter program that blocks ads from being loaded by browsers and any other software you want. The product is user-friendly and very simple in use. It works right after the installation - there is no need to customize any addition settings.

The program supports all popular browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape - regardless of their version. You can also block ads in any program you want like ICQ, ICQ Lite, MSN Messenger, Kazaa, Morpheus, Grokster, PalTalk, iMesh, Bearshare, LimeWire, MetaCafe and so on.

Current price: $29.95 (*regular price $39.95)

Anti-AD Guard Box Anti-AD Guard is a powerful program that filters and blocks commercial banners from being loaded by browsers. The multistage defense system guarantees practically complete filtration of advertisements. The super powerful heuristic analyzer allows blocking even the new formats of advertisements without updating the program.

Even an inexperienced user can get rid of the ads, since Anti-AD Guard starts working right after the installation and doesn't need any additional settings.

Anti-AD Guard compatible with all popular browsers - Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape - regardless of their version.

Current price: $19.95 (*regular price $29.95)

Free Anti-SPY Guard Box Free Anti-SPY Guard is a free tool designed to detect malicious software on your computer. Unlike other similar software, Free Anti-SPY Guard does not use signature databases, but the algorithm of the program allows it to detect spyware, viruses, trojans, rootkits and other malware that is not known yet. It is enough to start scanning and you will get the results in some time - whether your computer is infected or not.

Free Anti-SPY Guard will allow you to scan the computer absolutely free of charge for spyware, trojan software, viruses and find their location in order to remove them later.

Current price: FREEWARE

Please note that all our programs have free trial versions with the same functions as full versions. So, you can try our software for free before buy. Use "Download free trial" link to try our software.
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